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It's hard to be Human

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I’m Baaacckk… maybe.

I’m moving! As I am moving to another state I am restarting my blog-a-roonie-doonie per my mother’s and sister’s requests. Maybe I should lower my standards I’m going to attempt to update my blog on a semi-regular basis. The key to not disappointing people is zero specificity in future plans.
Anywho I’m moving to the green and gloomy state of Washington. I think that is a pretty sound summation of my personality sans green. I am neither green in color nor earth friendly practices. I take very long showers and if there isn’t a recycling receptacle in my immediate vicinity I throw it in the trash. I know, I know I’m an awful human. Washington’s gonna hate me. But that’s ok it will fuel the gloomy thing I have going on.
All jokes aside, I’m stoked to be moving to such a beautiful place in less than a month! As my big move is only (pause for calendar check and calculations) 25 days away one would assume I am packed and ready to go. Well One would be wrong, if One knew me at all One would not have assumed that in the first place. I am well accepted amongst the procrastinators of the world, in fact they have named their queen because alas I have done nothing to prepare. Okay nothing’s an exaggeration I have bought many things and packed zero, so essentially I’ve made my packing a bigger project, go team!
Thats all for now folks( yes, I’m aware only two people read this blog and both of them are related to me just let me have my delusions, okay?!) stay tuned (mom) for more moving updates!

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Oh halloo!

Hi again bloggy tumblr world, it is I, your flakey and lazy friend, Kelsey. Remember me? No? Well I don’t blame you it’s been like 10 months since I’ve posted anything of qual- well anything on here. Now normally I would make some sweeping proclamation full of lovely promises right about now, Telling all my lovely readers ( I think there are about six of you) how I will be posting at some regular rate here. Not this time pally pals. No, no. I’ve learned a lot these past 10 months (ok mostly just that I’m rubbish at keeping promises). So I declare that I will post things of seemingly average wit and ha ha’s here on …days…in future times. There new year’s resolution : no specificity = no disappointment.
You’re welcome.

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Did you hear about that terrible fire in a club in Rio de Janeiro? It killed over 200 people! There is absolutely nothing funny about this and it is extremely sad and tragic. However, I have a sick and twisted mind and I instantly thought of three different jokes involving rap songs with the words “club” and “fire” in them when I heard about this. I saw an opportunity and I took it. Sort of like when someone is like “Here, Sugar fein, hold my delicious, warm, ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie and keep it safe while I disappear for 15 minutes.” Well obviously I will hold it and keep it safe and warm… in my tummy. Thats how it works. I only have so much self-restraint. Okay zero. I have zero self restraint.

In other news, I had a wildlife encounter yesterday on my front porch. I came home around midnight and was looking at my phone while I was walking up to my door and I heard a weird sound and looked up and raccoon. I swear for a second I was like “Damn. If I just had some crackers Meeko loved crackers.” And then the giant-non-Meeko-raccoon looked me straight in the eye and screamed. My only verbal response was “Nooo.” I flung my water bottle and sprinted back to my car, where I sat for 10 minutes waiting for my fluffy friend to make his leisurely exit.

My brother turned 18 today. 

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Things I like today:

Toro y Moi’s new album.

My sister’s birthday.


Being busy.

Downton Abbey. 

This panoramic of LA’s skyline I took from the rooftop bar at the Perch



Yummy homemade food.


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Oh the Joy of the Mall at Christmas.

  There are few things more joyous than braving the crowds during the holidays and heading to your local mall. And by joyous I do mean terrifying. I cant think of a more effective birth control then watching overstimulated, sugar riddled, screaming children melt to the floor or knock over every shoe display in sight. I can only assume that this is what they think will persuade their parents into dropping a ridiculous amount of cash on some gadget that will lie forgotten under their bed two days after Christmas. And they’re probably right.

  Delightful as children screaming over toys may be I can think of another scenario that prominently features screaming children and the spirit of the Holidays. Every year parents force their kids into their most itchy and uncomfortable clothing and into line behind hundreds of others to capture the magical moment when they will sit on a stranger’s polyester-clad lap and tell him their most desired wish. This magical moment normally ends up looking something like this:


I feel like the parents in this situation definitely overlooked the fact that this particular Santa looks like he’s had a few priors/ is coked out of his mind. 

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Stick it.

Gymnastics reference? Not exactly. I just suck at sticking to what I say I am going to do. So it turns out blogging every week day is a huge commitment and instead of producing quality posts it ends up being a major load of waffle. So… new proposition: blog two days a week. They’re going to be kinda random at first because I don’t start school again for another month, which in turn means I’m trying to do a lot of fun activities that I cant do once school starts. Essentially the posts will be scattered throughout the week, but there will always be two! Part duex of le proposition: I am going to include photos of my adventures! I eventually hope to get a Vlog up and running but that entails having/buying a massive amount of equipment, for which my meager college-student budget does not currently allow. So for the present we will all have to make do with photos and good ole fashioned bloggy fun. Thanks for your patience in this trial and error blog adventure!

one for the road: image

I call this one weirdfacehaircut. Profound, no?